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Rug Doctor Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to rent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner?

The actual cost of renting a Rug Doctor slightly varies from location to location as each independent retailer sets their own prices. That said, it typically ranges between $25-$32.

What do you need in order to rent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner? Is a credit card necessary? Deposit?

A valid drivers license and credit card are necessary to rent a Rug Doctor. At some locations you will need to make a nominal ,fully refundable deposit and will have to prepay for your rental and cleaning solutions before being able to take the Rug Doctor machine home.

How do I operate a Rug Doctor Machine?

Operating a Rug Doctor carpet-cleaning machine is easy! Watch a short video on how simple one is to operate:

Where can I rent a Rug Doctor?

Rug Doctor is available for rent in over 35,000 locations across the United States. To find the one nearest you, simply do a search by entering your zip code into the search bar at the top of this page and select the closest location.

Where can I download a coupon to rent a Rug Doctor?

We make finding and downloading available Rug Doctor coupons easy. Simply do a search for your nearest location by entering your zip code in the search bar located at the top of the page then download a coupon directly from the nearest retailers page. It’s that simple!

What are the advantages of cleaning my own carpets?

You will not only save money by renting a Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine but you will also find it to be far more convenient than hiring a carpet cleaning service as you control how many rooms you clean and how long you want to keep it.

What does the Rug Doctor clean?

Not only does a Rug Doctor clean carpets, it cleans upholstery, too. A little known fact is that it also works outside of the home, too. Use it to clean inside your car, boat or RV as well!

How long can I rent a carpet-cleaning machine?

A standard rental is for one 24-hour period. You can rent it for longer if necessary.

What do I have to do before returning a Rug Doctor?

Before returning a Rug Doctor rental, please rinse the cylindrical dome filter, clean out the upper tank, and the bottom of the machine where the brushes are located.

Can I return my rental to a different location than where I rented it?

Because the rental agreement is with a specific retail location, you must return it to the same location from which you rented it.